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No 8, Jalan Shah Bandar, Taman Happy,

31650, Ipoh, Perak. Malaysia



No 46, Market Street,

30000, Ipoh, Perak. Malaysia



No LC151A3, Tepi Sungai, Kuala Sepetang,

34650, Kuala Sepetang, Perak.Malaysia



In definition, Yasoh is a seed from Looking Glass Tree or scientifically named Heritiera littoralis. The seed is from the fruit and when dropped onto the water, it will drifts along to nearby beaches hence the name Drift Seed or Sea Beans in some region. In Happy 8, Yasoh is our family, our mascot; the representation of happiness in life and also on luck. Crafted into a souvenir, bringing Yasoh home with you is a journey towards happiness and luck.

The Happy 8 Retreat

enjoy simplicity

A token from the kitchen is a gold to the stomach. Breakfast is the most important meal when the sun kicks in. It can be simple but the key point is nutritious to get you going throughout the day. Happy 8 offers nutritious breakfast to our beloved guest who stays in one of our retreats or walking into our caf├ęs.

Breakfast anyone?

charcoal essence

What do you see in a charcoal? Most of the populations uses charcoal with fire; to heat or to burn. But do you know that charcoal has lots more usage besides pairing it with fire?


You should know that besides burning, charcoal is capable of producing oils. Find out more to believe it.

skin protection with

wooden art

To be honest with materials are a long and historical knowledge of architecture and interior design. When these meet with art, it turns into something else and furnitures in Happy 8 Retreats and cafes are the best way to embrace nature at the same level of art sensing.


With our upcycle wooden furnitures, you can never forget the experience of staying and seeing.Get a taste of the material honesty by visiting workshops.

another life of nature